I have been influenced by so many talented people in my lifetime.  Some of the photographers I draw influence and inspiration from are Diane Arbus, Gregory Crewdson, Mckay Jaffe, David Lachapelle, Gina Gizella Manning, Mike Pecci, Henrik Knudsen and many countless others.  

In 2007 I first attended community college in my home town of Battle Creek Michigan in pursuit of a bachelors of science in photography.  I then relocated years later to Central Florida where I continue my pursuit of art at Full Sail University where I hope to earn a bachelor's in Graphic Design.  I am a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars since the winter of 2017.  In 2008 I had a painting of mine featured in Jonathan Mayberry's book titled Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that grows on the nerves and is affecting my facial nerves, my balance, and my hearing.  I have faced many challenges because of this in my social, professional, and my personal life.  I have been pushing forward in spite of these difficulties and trying to channel some of my emotions into the art I have been creating, especially my photography.  Recently, I was invited by a good friend of mine to spend the next two years documenting that process, with his support.  I hope to share this project with you all very soon. 

Over the years I have participated  in dozens of gallery openings, and installations across many states.  I hope to broaden my horizons and expand my portfolio as I learn and grow in the times to come.  I want to inspire others as well as teach them about the importance of art especially for each person's mental wellbeing as we float through this thing called life.  

"You don't know where you're going until you know where you've been"  - English Proverb

Who Am I?

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2017  Arranged by Lori Ann  All images Copyright

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